…to whatstevethinksaboutashley.com. =/

1) What a difference three months make. Here is a text Ashley had sent me on June 29th. This was before everything went sour.

I’m sorry that I can’t yet say those three words for you. But I want you to know I do care about you a lot. You’re seriously my best friend. as a friend I love you. As more than that I can’t be sure yet. I do have feeling for you. I’m just still so very scared of falling in love again. One thing is certain though, I know I wanna be with you in the future. Wether its just a friends kinda thing or whatever, at the very least I want to be there anyway I can for you. =)

2) Ashley apparently got beat up by her sister the other day. I feel horrible that this actually makes me smile a bit. I thought I was such a nice guy, and now I’m taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. Mu-hahahahaha

3) Hannah looks like she’s going to be moving out of the apartment she JUST moved into with Ashley. From what Hannah says, it’s because her grades are suffering and that she’s gonna move on campus. This means that not only is she moving out, but she’s leaving the store.

When I asked Hannah about this, she said she’s gonna try to get Matt (her finance) on the lease. Colleges seem to take a dim view of couples living in the dorms unless it’s WAY on the edge of campus.

That’s right, boys and girls! Ashley is going to be living with a guy!!!!!

Now, to be fair, it doesn’t appear to be Ashley’s idea. Also, I’ve met Matt… I don’t think there’s much danger of them sleeping together or doing anything together.

But, I just find it oddly coincidental that Ashley has these meltdowns and Hannah mysteriously finds the need to not only move out, but leave the store.

4) I’ve finally gotten around to blocking Ashley on my cell phone. I’m tired of this drama. Everything she gets near seems to turn to shit. Enough of this. I’m done.