It feels weird to be writing in this journal again, especially considering the subject matter…

Ashley and I are fighting. It’s strange that it doesn’t really upset me all that much. Do I wish we weren’t? Certainly. Do I consider my world in jeopardy because we are fighting? Certainly not.

I guess I saw it coming. Maybe I helped to speed it along, I don’t know. It just seems that every time I speak to Ashley over the past 10 days, she’s always been complaining. So, I chose to limit my discussions with her.

Complaining about her sister.
Complaining about finding an apartment.
Complaining about her new room-mate.
Complaining about the utilities.
Complaining about her job.
Complaining about me not talking to her.
Complaining that when I do talk, it’s not “real”.

I’m just so fed up with it. I’m not really a complainer, so she brings me down when she is always complaining.

Anyway, must get ready for work.