So I received my settlement check today from Jennifer. I’m officially divorced and paid off. =/

So, as was the original plan, I deposited the check and immediately started calling my credit card companies to pay them off. One in particular I was (and still am) eager to pay off. I called their customer service number and was greeted by someone in India. Great. They don’t have the authority to settle my account for less than face value (due to the divorce I was behind in my payments). So they give me the number for collections. I get to speak to ANOTHER person in India. They can’t help me. I ask for their supervisor, speak to another Indian citizen.

Now I have nothing against foreigners, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are going to be dealing with the phones, try to work on eliminating your accent. I know that sounds callous, but I can’t understand you.

Is this too much to hope for?